I know without a doubt that coaching with Peter has directly led to my booking jobs.  I booked my first three Los Angeles  auditions, including two significant guest star roles, after coaching with Peter.
Our work has consistently helped me walk into a room with confidence about the material and my choices, and has allowed me to trust that I'm doing strong work that will leave an indellible impression and will lead to future jobs.
As an actress who's worked for years on  and off Broadway, I can tell you that one of Peter's great strengths is helping stage actors translate their training to camera work.  His teaching is specific and straightforward, and the results are immediate.  I recommend him to every working actor I know.
-- Laura Heisler




Acting is a group endeavor. It explores relationships, and it requires at least two to do so. Therefore I strongly believe that acting should not be learned solely in a one-on-one environment.

Still, there are times when private coaching can greatly benefit an actor. Many of my class students have worked with me privately; others are interested but not sure if private work is right for them or how to proceed. I hope the following is of help.

So what is private coaching?

"Private coaching" refers to any one-on-one work an actor does with a coach hired for a set period of time. This work can include:
  • work on either a specific audition or role in a project in production
    monologue preparation
  • cold reading
  • career counseling
  • work focused on specific blocks the actor may have in other classwork or performance.
Much of my private work is with actors either auditioning for or cast in a substantial role in a film or telelvision. We work on preparing all the scenes in which that character appears so that the actor will walk onto the set or into the audition "performance ready."

NOTE: The agenda for private work is different for each client, so I stress that the client must be prepared to take an active role in setting the agenda for private sessions.

I'm just starting out – should I work with a coach?

That depends. Private work with beginning actors focuses on fast-forwarding that actor's artistic and career development and is geared to augment --not replace-- the work done in a group class.

What if I'm enrolled in a class already?

In fact, about half of the actors I coach are in a class during their period of study with me. Our time in the private sessions focuses on acting issues not covered in their class.

What's the time commitment?

I tell clients it's similar to seeing a therapist (the structure, not the content). Most clients book one hourlong session per week, and either party can reschedule with a day's advance notice. An hour slot is 55 minutes long (give or take).

I request that most clients commit to a minimum of four sessions up front, and we take it week by week from there. I have working clients who have been coming to me for years, booking a session now and then when they've got a project or big audition coming up, or they're rusty and need a push.


PRICE:  I charge a sliding scale between $125 and $195 per session. Current and former group class students receive a $20 per hour discount.

TO BOOK A SESSION: simply send me en email or call me directly: (917) 733 3600

CANCELLATIONS:  things happen.  Audition times change.  If you need to shift your appointment, call me.  We can usually work it out with a little notice.  If you must cancel: for SAME-DAY CANCELS, I charge half a session fee. For NO-SHOWS, I must charge the full fee for that session.

A V A I L A B I L I T Y:
Los Angeles: Mondays through Thursdays; generally noon - 6PM. Other times by advance arrangement.

New York:
by appointment

If you haven't worked with me before, send me an e-mail or contact me at (9 1 7) 7 3 3  3 6 0 0 to set up an interview.


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